Our Story

 Well...It all started with one small idea & one big dream. My name is Danielle & my mother Carol & I own Wildwood. She says this is my dream and she's just along for the ride but we both know that a mother would do anything for her daughter ;) right. 




We settled Wildwood's roots right here in beautiful downtown historic Beaver. My mother was born & raised in Beaver and I was born in Winston-Salem North Carolina but raised in Beaver! So with a love of the south and all their boutique's, I pitched the idea to my mother at 7am on my way to work at my concrete job (I know weird,but it makes for a good story). I wondered why we didn't have any "boutique's" up here like they do down south so I said let's consider opening one! Almost a year of research,prepping,online classes, & lots of reading & praying...here we are!!!


Est. February 2016

xo/the wild gals.



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